Monday, September 11, 2006

Post-comps normality ensues.

My meeting with my supervisor went well on Friday. She said that I should try to have my dissertation done in a year and a half. A year and a half! Well, it would be great if I could, but I suspect it might take a little longer. We'll see.

Now that orientation is over, things will get back to school-year normal. I start TAing this week, coffee hours are back on, and Robarts will be seeing a lot more of me than before. I didn't get through much of the microfilm that I wanted to last week, so I need to do that. There are also a few printed documentary collections I need to go through and take notes on. Some of this will be tedious, but I still think it's exciting! Today I finally did my ArchivesMadeEasy tip on the PEI archives, so that's one errand off my to-do list.

These days I've been feeling somewhat in demand by my friends. This is great, but it's difficult to hang out with some people as much as they'd like me to. One friend I didn't see for months during comps, which is perhaps a little excessive, but I do hope my friends don't get too upset that I sometimes have to say no. Not only do I have work to do and a life and home to maintain, but I occasionally need time to myself. And the fact that I talk to FN every day doesn't mean I want to socialize with other people all the time too. Roommates are different that way, or, at least this roommate is. There are a few friends I really need to make plans to see, including one who had a baby a couple months ago. I must do this pronto!

FN is currently suffering from lack of internet. This has been an especially unhappy weekend in some ways, but it will be over soon. Our internet service has been down since Friday evening. I have been able to steal a wireless signal for most of the time, but FN's computer is not being so cooperative. And this comes at an especially bad time of the year. Sigh. Hopefully it will all be fixed in the morning. My fingers are crossed.

Finally, let me just say that I lead a charmed life, and provide you with reason no. 379 (or thereabouts): FN's "Emeril inspired" dinner tonight. Just the thing to get my grammarian juices flowing in preparation for a cover-letter refining session.

P.S. How are you doing, EC?

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