Monday, September 11, 2006

Busy, but getting little done.

Today was one of those days. They seem to happen more often that they should. I've been up and doing things since before 10am, and now it's nearly 8pm, and I have little to show for the day. We now have internet again---yay!---and my laundry's done. But what about all the research I need to do?

A major problem I'm discovering is that I prefer doing my work in the afternoons and at night. But I can't work these hours if I want to use microfilm machines. I may have to start getting up early, going to school, eating lunch of campus, and then going back to do more research. This would be a good "normal" schedule, but it sounds awful to me!

I've been noticing bizarre outfits on people. I think I may have reached the age where I can no longer dress trendily. I always sort of could before---not that I always did---but I don't think I can deal with the odd 1960s/1980s combo outfits that seem to be all the cool kids are wearing these days. And, what's with wearing flip flops or other summer shoes AND a winter scarf, all in the same outfit? Pick a season, people! In other fashion (crime) news, I've been caught a few time recently carrying an umbrella on days where there wasn't a cloud in the sky. And then was out one night when it started to rain a couple hours after I'd decided not to bring an umbrella.

As I contemplate my place in the fasion universe, FN is busy crafting 30-something cover letters for summer jobs. Yuck! While she's delivering them tomorrow, I will be at coffee hour and then in lecture. I'm looking forward to this, but not the trek out to the Pharmacy Building. Don't ask me why a third-year history class is being held there, but I hear that there's a tree growing inside that building, which is kinda neat.

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E :) said...

I hear you on the daytime work hours. I think it's some virus that you automatically catch when you start your thesis. Aaaaargh!