Friday, September 22, 2006

Must. Work. Harder.

Don't get me wrong: I am doing work. But just not enough. Yesterday, for example, I had big plans to go to the library and work on those pesky microfilms I've been avoiding. That didn't happen. Instead, I went off to a friend's house to visit her and her 12-week old baby. I hadn't seen her since before she gave birth, so I needed to drop in bearing cookies. It was a very nice visit. She's someone I met in my reading group last year, and she's not a U of T student, so she isn't part of my usual crowd of historian-friends. The visit ended at 6pm when I told her I needed to leave the dog park and go home! (Which is unlike me, because I really do love dogs!) So much for the library. After a quick dinner at home, I rushed off to our student society's pub night. Tons (relatively) of new people came out, so it was great. And then after that---I clearly wasn't going to do any work that night---YT and I went back to HD's house to watch the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy of that she'd taped.

Now, about Grey's Anatomy. FN and I watched it last season, and had some tense moments being unimpressed with the characters. (We even had a big GA season finale party at our place, which was so much fun.) So of course I wanted to watch the season opener. And so YT, HD, and I did. But it was wierd. It just didn't feel like a season opener, and some storylines were confusing, like we'd missed something. We didn't get to see the last minute or so of the episode because HD's tape had stopped recording. But . . . HD had set her TV to tape the episode at both 8pm and 9pm on two different channels, just in case. So she fast-forwarded an hour to see if we could catch that last minute of the show on the 9pm airing. Things then got very confusing. Because what was on an hour later seemed to be the ending of a completely different episode, one that we'd never seen before! We began to realize that we'd just watched the second episode of this season rather than the first, and that the 9pm show was in fact the premiere. So we watched that. Things were a little out of order, but at least we saw everything . . . except that last minute of episode two. I don't know why the channel which showed GA at 8pm aired episode two rather than the premier last night, but oh well. (FN later told me what happened in that last minute---whoa!) UPDATE: Read about the episode airing foulup here.

Today was a little less confusing! I went to the Munk Centre for a talk by David Wright (former Canadian ambassador to the UN and permanent representative to NATO) on humanitarian interventions in times of crisis. It was good, and semi related to my own work. The free food was a plus, because I didn't expect there to be any. I then went off to meet some people to talk about finances for the student society of which I am no longer the president (how sad!). And then I finally made it to the library.

Another busy weekend ahead of socializing---having a social life is my part-time (unpaid) job, it seems---and hopefully getting some work done. Like my dissertation proposal. It's almost done, but I really should have the thing finished by now. Sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

what an exciting grey's story! i experienced the same thing, and didnt even realise it until my brother told me about the network mix-up the next day. my reaction was simply "ohhhhhHHHHHH!"