Sunday, September 17, 2006

Food, glorious food.

Last night I went to a baby shower at PR's apartment in honour of SF and GO. It was the best kind of fun---good food and good company, low key, and an early evening. Perfect! The expectant parents were really pleased with the gift HD and I brought. There was lots more socializing on the menu for today: dim sum for lunch with about 15 of my and FN's closest friends, and then EW and CW's housewarming.

Dim sum was excellent. Tons of people came out . . . everyone who said he or she would except AT, who is now off my "invite to things" list. Seriously, AT: you've never come to anything. You claim to be mildly fond of me, and yet. Grumble. Whatever. Everyone who did come seemed to have a good time, after which rumours were flying---mainly between EC and I---about people who will remain nameless. Awesome.

HD2, YT, DS, PR and I went off after lunch to College St. We quickly started to notice that there was something going on because there was a seemingly never-ending line of buses parked on College, some of which had military license plates. I then noticed a crowd of people in Queen's Park, and loudly exclaimed at much. A man on the street explained that some new war memorial was being unveiled. Cool! So we crossed the street in time to watch a military parade. It was so much fun. Bag pipes and men---actually, most of them were barely men---in very nice uniforms from the different branches of the military. (I do like a man in military dress uniform.)

Once the parade had passed us by, we walked to Winners for a little shopping. I was only slighly embarassed to be shopping there, and came out with a couple accessories for our bathroom. Yay! It took, however, forever to pay for EC's and my purchases. A woman ahead of us in line needed a price check or something, and it took ridiculously long. EC and I were unimpressed ("In this situation, the appropriate thing to do is decide you didn't want that item so much after all," said EC) but we eventually managed to leave the store. Sheesh.

The walk home was lovely. It was such a beautiful day. It's been cold and rainy and generally depressing for a while now, so today was especially nice.

Once back at home FN and I quickly made cookies before heading out again. Yes, again! But we had a good time at the housewarming. The food was very yummy. We are both pretty wiped, though. And I just realized I need to wake up at 8:30am tomorrow. How awful. Maybe I'll actually get some work done in the afternoon (after a TA training session and lunch at Massey---unless I chicken out of that) before another social engagement in the early evening which will, of course, include more food.

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