Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Watch this: Timber Timbre (live), Dan Mangan (live), Jason Collett / Zeus / Bahamas (live), IndieCan CMW footage.

This is why Timber Timbre's set at the Great Hall was brilliant last Thursday, and why I was SO mad at the few people who insisted on talking through it. Damnit people, pay attention! Stunning arrangements. Don't mind the bad lighting. Live, it had the right effect.

The crowd at the Great Hall was even more chatty during Dan Mangan's set, a real shame, but he got everyone involved during his last song, "Robots." Here's some live video of that song from Dan's set at Criminal Records on Saturday.

Jess over at RoundLetters captured this encore song at last Wednesday's Bonfire Ball featuring Jason Collett, Zeus, and Bahamas. All night they'd been playing their own tunes, and so this one came as a big surprise. And an awesome one! Kylie Minogue!

IndieCan Radio put together this 10-minute montage of CMW footage, featuring snippets of live performances and some of the conference events.

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