Thursday, March 11, 2010

CMF 2010: Day 1 roundup.

My ass is kicked, internet friends. The Bonfire Ball at Lee's Palace did this to me. Thanks to Bahamas, Zeus, and Jason Collett, I would like this festival to be over now. I need to sleep.

My plan for the first day of Canadian Music Fest was to take it easy: go to one show, and one show only. Leave the show-hopping for later, in an effort to conserve energy. But 3 hours and 44 songs later, I am spent. The show was put together as a revue, and so other than a short intermission, the band(s) played the entire time, everyone backing up everyone else. It was great! The Bahamas tunes---including many new songs that aren't on his record---sounded awesome, especially when there were 4 guitars going at the same time! The sound set-up (at least from where I was standing) didn't benefit Zeus as much as it should have been. The organ was occasionally too high in the mix, while whoever was singing while playing the keys was usually not mixed high enough. No matter, though. It was awesome how the crowd seemed to love all the artists; Bahamas, Zeus, and Jason Collett all got big cheers. Jason Collett was in fine form . . . and I really do mean that. My goodness, that man is sexy.


This Bonfire Ball tour is heading out to lots of other cities. Go! Three hours of great music and amazing musicianship. But hope for a theatre show. It's a lot to take in.

I'll have a proper review of the show up at Sticky Magazine at some point in the future. Now I must sleep and gear up for show-hopping Thursday night.

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