Sunday, March 07, 2010

Canadian Music Fest preview: Wednesday.

Canadian Music Fest (part of Canadian Music Week) is nearly upon us. The first official night is Wednesday, so that's where I'll start. There are a LOT of bands playing, and most of them I've never heard of. But I do know some good Toronto (and other bands), and I'm in the process of listening to MySpaces right now in hopes of uncovering some other good bets.

So, given my own tastes (which does not include any sort of "alternative rock," for example), here's what I think might be good bets.

WEDNESDAY (10 mar)

If you missed Fucked up a couple weeks ago, or just want more. Tropics, Slim Twig's other band, is weird-good, and the others . . . well, I'm not so familiar with, but I've enjoyed L:M in the past.

Bonfire Ball feat. Zeus, Jason Collett, and Bahamas @ Lee's Palace.
This will be a top-notch show from start to finish, including two of my favourite bands, and Jason Collett, whom I am less familiar with, but whom I'm told is awesome. Plus, Lee's is a great place to see a show. Should be a good time.

Definitely the best "folk" showcase on Wednesday night, feat. the excellent WOM, a couple Australian acts who sound pretty good, and a couple more Canadian bands to round things out. If you've seen too much of the Bonfire Ball folks and you're up for a much more intimate evening, this is the show to be at.

Vivian Girls (NY), Male Bonding (UK), and Molested Youth @ Wrongbar.
Punk! These are quality bands, I'm told. Vivian Girls have been pretty buzzy for a while now. Not my scene at all, but that's ok.

EYE Weekly Opening Party feat. CFCF, Parallels, DVAS, and Styrofoam Ones @ The Roosevelt Room.
For those of you who want to get things started with an electro dance party. If this isn't great fun, I'll be astonished.

What else?

Ha! Perhaps too mainstream-rock and too nostalgic for me, but could be a lot of fun. The openers are definitely worthy of checking out, especially Kate M-H from Australia.

FACTOR Breakthrough Session feat. Eddie Orso, Tin Star Orphans, Great Diviners, Ruth Minnikin, and Ben Somer @ The Cadillac Lounge.
Country music bands, and good ones, too. But a little too low-key for me.

FACTOR Breakthrough Session feat. The O'Darling, Kyra & Tully, Kalle Mattson, more @ The Central.
The bands I've listed are the ones I have some familiarity with, and would be happy to check out. Quieter, folkier stuff. If the Central and the Painted Lady were closer to each other, I'd suggest show-hopping.

The Wilderness, Adebisi Shank (Ireland), Pick A Piper, Ace Kinkaid, and HotKid @ Rancho Relaxo.
A variety of indie rock bands, including the solid Wilderness and HotKid, the instrumental math-pop-rock of Adebisi Shank, the jammy-percussive Pick A Piper, and more.

Lots more listed on the main CMF schedule.


suckingalemon said...

for the record i appreciate this. every time i read someone else's list i find new bands to see.

historyjen said...

Thanks Aviva. Glad at least you appreciate! :-)
And I appreciate your picks! Always!!!

tracyface said...

I cannot wait to see LSM. Such a good bunch of guys who make amazing music.