Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Canadian Music Fest preview: Saturday.

I picked up my Canadian Music Week media pass today . . . woot! This week should be pretty fun, though I'll have to keep my head and try not to overdo things. Rain is in the forecast, so hopefully that won't be a problem.

I've done previews for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday already. Sunday's (much shorter) post will be up soon. What are you going to go see?

SATURDAY (13 mar)

Peer Pressure DJs, 84.85, and Grand Analog @ The Drake Hotel.
I'm not usually one for dance parties (other than at the Boat) and hip hop, but 84.85 and Grand Analog are big fun. The rhymes start at 11pm.

Alright, so this is clearly the show to be at. There are no slackers on this list (at least up until the last band, whom I don't know), and some of my favourite bands, including the brilliant Two Hours Traffic, our own (by way of Ottawa) Balconies, the Wooden Sky, and Yukon Blonde, who are getting hotter by the day, at least if you read the music blogs. But since I've seen some of these bands before and don't know if I could deal with the crazy crowds at the 'shoe, I'll probably skip out. But you should go. The Balconies are also playing Friday at Criminal Records at 6pm, for free.

Catchy, soulful stuff. A friend of mine is the biggest Sweet Thing fan ever. And I've liked Brasstronaut in the past, and been told all sorts of amazing things about the first opener.

Joel Plaskett, more @ The Mod Club.
He goes on first, at 7:30pm. It'll be a short set, but no doubt a sweet one. (Sorry, that was lame.)

NeXT-at-CMW presented by Optical Sounds feat. Action Makes, Black Feelings, the Hoa Hoa's, Mutters, Revolvers, and Ostrich Tuning @ The Comfort Zone.
Might it be time to give in to the psychedelic sounds of local label Optical Sounds and friends? Bob loves some of these bands, but I just dunno. Hmm. This lineup is pretty stacked . . . .

What else?

The Thing Is, Maylee Todd & Pegwee Power, Shayne Zaid & the Catch, Elise LeGrow, and Anne-Lise Dugas @ Bread & Circus.
This showcase has a definite jazz feel. It's not the kind of lineup that's I want to stick around all night for, but if a change of pace is called for, this is a good bet. Maylee Todd and Elise LeGrow are the stand-outs here. Maylee's soulful pop tunes and infectious energy and charisma are sure to impress. Elise LeGrow fronts indie pop band Whale Tooth, but here she'll be singing jazz. The woman has a great voice, and is too sexy for words.

Two Way Monologues presents Hellsongs, Cut Throat Britva, the Speaking Tongues, Minto, That's the Spirit, more @ Rancho Relaxo.
Saturday is Rancho's rock night, but though I don't like rock, I can maybe see myself getting into locals Cut Throat Britva, the Speaking Tongues (always great), Vancouver's Minto, or the two quieter acts on the bill, Sweden's Hellsongs and Ottawa's That the Spirit. That being said, though, I'm unlikely to be seen at Rancho unless I find myself nearby with nothing else to do.

FACTOR Breakthrough Session feat. The Darcys, Artist of the Year, OPOPO, more @ Sneaky Dee's.
Solid acts in a good venue.

I love Meligrove Band so much. But I'm not so sure about the company they keep . . . you know how I feel about rock usually. However, if you're down with the rock, this seems like a great show! And in a pretty small venue. You may also like what's happening over at the Velvet Underground.

Lots more shows are listed on the main festival schedule.

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