Saturday, March 13, 2010

CMF 2010: Day 3 roundup.

Tonight's highlight---and the concert highlight of the past several months at the very least---was Woodhands' set at Wrongbar. My God, I love this band. They were awesome. Just fantastic.

Also, it's really late now and my brain is only partially working. I mean . . . I don't know what I mean. It's late.

Earlier it was raining, and that combined with other stuff meant I ditched my plan to go to the Music Gallery for Julie Fader, Brian Borcherdt, and Postdata. Another time. Instead, I took transit all the way out to Wrongbar, getting there to catch a nice big chunk of Jeremy Glenn's set. Slightly cheesy, maybe, but the band was totally pulling it off. The place was pretty sparsely populated, but a few people were dancing. I would not mind seeing them again.

But now it was apparent that the YYZ Records showcase was running late, since Glenn didn't end until about 11pm, when the next band was set to start. I wasn't concerned, though it did mean I would have to stay out later than I had hoped. Next up was Madrid, a group I'd been hearing good things about and had a vague notion that I should probably check out at some point. Good stuff. They had the slower bedroom electro pop thing down, and I was grooving.

Vitaminsforyou were next. This is another band---well, sometimes it's a band---that I'd been meaning to see, in part because I know Robbie Butcher is the drummer when there's a drummer. And Robbie is awesome. So very awesome. Also in the band (as the bassist) was Jordan Kern, who DJs at Yacht Rock, my favourite dance party. So, even before the band started to play, I knew I would like what was to come. And I did. I wish I was less tired and had the ability to describe the bizarreness of masks, black feather epaulette-things, lights-for-eyes, face-paint, smoke, and etc. I make it sound weird, and weird it was, but it also worked, and after a bit the crowd seemed to be really into it. I certainly was. More dancing. Fun times. Will see you again, v4u!

By now it was after 1am, when the "secret guest," ie. Woodhands, was supposed to go on. After all their equipment was set up it was about 2am and the bar must have been pretty full. It felt like it up at the front, where I had parked myself in anticipation. It's been too long since I've been at a proper Woodhands show. And by proper I mean Woodhands performing in a space and place that suits their style. Wrongbar fits that bill pretty perfectly. (They did their first CD release party there back in 2008.) I was excited, and so was everyone around me. The band performed a few songs off their 2010 album, Remorsecapade, and some hits from their first record, Heart Attack. Maylee Todd joined in on "Dissembler" and "Dancer," another rare treat these days.

There was some serious dancing and bumping happening all around the stage. From my vantage point I couldn't see much else, but I'd like to think hundreds of people were happily letting loose. I know I was.

The night wasn't over at Wrongbar, but my time there was. A couple friends and I went to grab greasy 3:30am breakfast at Mars across from Sneaky Dee's. And now it's really late. Goodnight.

More tomorrow!

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