Saturday, March 27, 2010

A few things: Bruce Peninsula, Born Ruffians, the Acorn, Ruby Coast.

Alright, internet. So far I've managed to avoid doing much "news" writing on this blog. But now comes the time when I find myself sitting on lots of great news and free mp3s I want to give you, that I'm starting this new section: "A few things." As in "I have a few things to tell you about and share with you." Oh, and be sure to check my Twitter feed for more tidbits!

Earlier this month Toronto psych-rock choir Bruce Peninsula released a new split 7" with Kingston's Apple Crisp Records. One side features a reworking of BP's song, uh, "Shanty Song," recorded with Narratives'-favourites Muskox! The other side is a collaboration between two Kingston bands, the Gertrudes and PS I Love You ("Sailor"). Head over to Bruce Peninsula's website to stream both tracks and order the 7" or purchase a digital download. Here's a freebie from the band's album to tide you over.

Download: Bruce Peninsula, "Shanty Song" (A Mountain Is A Mouth, 2009).

We'll have to wait only a little bit longer for new releases from Born Ruffians and Ottawa's the Acorn. Both are putting out new albums on Paper Bag Records, with a shared release date of 1 June. The youngsters' disc is titled Say It, while their elders are calling theirs No Ghost. You can get yourself a free download the first single off Say It, "Sole Brother," if you want it. (You want it.) Both albums can be pre-ordered through the Paper Bag website. No doubt the blogs will comment "matured as a band" (BR) and "rockier sound" (Acorn).

Finally, Ruby Coast are putting together a full-length. This will be a follow-up to their 2008 EP Projectable Collections (which was itself a follow-up to a demo EP which included earlier versions of most of the songs included). The band is heading to the studio to record with some famous people (I'm told): Howard Bilerman and Howard Paulson. These guys have toured with the likes of Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians, impressed me way back when they were mostly still underage, and I'm thrilled to see what comes next for them.

As a nice treat, the band is giving away digital downloads of their EP along with a never-released-before song, "Next Season." Grab all the songs here. Awesome! Follow the band's adventures on their new blog. (Blogging is fun.)

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I'm really looking forward to hearing that new Acorn album.