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Canadian Music Fest preview: Thursday.

Day two of Canadian Music Fest is Thursday, and it's a big night. Like I did for Wednesday, I'll tell you the shows that interest me and that might interest you.

THURSDAY (11 mar)

The Drake presents Hooded Fang, Forest City Lovers, Low Level Flight, and Digits @ The Drake Hotel.
This is the early portion of the night. As per the Drake's regular M.O., the electro-DJ type stuff takes over starting at midnight, so if you're keen on the indie bands, solo bedroom-electro-pop artist Digits starts the night off at 8pm. LLF seems a bit out of place on this bill, but certainly not a bad choice. Hooded Fang and FCL are two of the best lesser-known bands this city has to offer. Both should release full-length albums later this year.

One of the best lineups of the festival, featuring a whole bunch of bands that are on the up-and-up. While the harder rock of CMTM doesn't excite me, I totally approve of the others on this bill. Enough variety to keep things interesting, and enough talent in the mix that you just may end up seeing your new favourite band. Download a free preview mix here.

Timber Timbre, Dan Mangan, and Sally Seltmann @ The Great Hall.
This is one of the shows of the festival, featuring the hotter-than-hot Timber Timbre who hasn't played in Toronto for a while, the hotter-than-hot Dan Mangan, who makes audiences swoon, and the no doubt hotter-than-hot Australian singer Sally Seltmann. The night's been programmed to make sense as a whole, and in the newly-renovated Great Hall, it might be spectacular. The bands are on at 9, 10, and 11pm, leaving time to hit up other shows afterwards.

CHART mixes things up quite a bit, which I'm cool with 'cause it makes for an interesting, happy night. Nothing on this list offends me, and some of these bands are great. The lineup makes it worth camping out here all night, especially if you haven't seen these bands before.

Windish Agency showcase feat. Rich Aucoin, Little Dragon (Sweden), Neon Indian (USA), Speech Debelle (UK), and New Look @ Lee's Palace.
I just have a feeling about this one, which features a few international acts. And if you go, definitely stick around for Rich Aucoin. Why? That's why.

Carey Kurtin & Dan Burke present NeXT-at-CMW feat. The Ghost is Dancing, Nightmare Air, Still Life Still, Dinosaur Bones, Songs from a Room, and the Treasures @ The Silver Dollar Room.
Dan Burke's tastes tend to be a little harder than mine, but the man has a good ear for pop and indie rock. I probably won't go since I've seen a couple of these bands recently, but this lineup is solid and at least a little exciting, depending on your tastes.

WeGotTheMovement presents The Musebox Showcase feat. Green Go (DJ set), Times Neue Roman, Kidstreet, Parlovr, Everything All the Time, the Elwins, Language-Arts, and Hellsongs (Sweden) @ Sneaky Dee's.
My oh my, what a great list! No idea about the first band, but all the others are worth checking out. Things start off a bit quiet, twee, and cute (Hellsongs, L-A, the Elwins), but then move onto soulful (EATT) before hitting brilliant (Parlovr), and ending with a few sets of fun electro pop tunes.

What else?

Fields of Fur is a new bands from Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt (and it sounds nothing like HF). Diamond Rings is the solo project of John O'Regan from the D'Urbervilles, and his electro jams sound nothing like his rock band tunes. The night ends with hip hop, and begins with R&B indie rock. Kinda weird, but could work.

M for Montreal / CMF presents DJ Champion & his G-Strings, BEAST, and Misstress Barbara @ Guvernment.
Three Montreal bands come to town to make us dance. And, though I don't like the Guvernment's location, I gotta say I like the space. Might well be a fun show, but I'll likely opt for something smaller.

K-OS, Woodhands, and Saukrates @ The Opera House,
Ok, so Woodhands is my favourite live band, but I can't get into hip hop, and I can't get into the Opera House. But this might be awesome for you!

The Rest, Sydney Wayser (NY), more @ The Painted Lady.
This is a weird bill, but these two back-to-back sets ought to be lovely. If you're overwhelmed by loud rock or electro pop or whatever, and you need pretty voices and light melodies, this is where you need to be. The Rest is on at midnight, and Sydney opens at 11pm.

Lots more listed on the main festival schedule.

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