Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Staring at my computer.

I've done almost nothing except stare at my computer screen today. I spent hours going through finding aids from the Hoover Institution Archives at Stanford University, and then spent more hours turning .jpg files into .pdf's. This is mostly brainless work, and very tedious, but necessary. Sigh. There's nothing more exciting than this to report.

But perhaps I should apologize to some people for skipping out on the b-day party/concert tonight. It's just not in me, gals. A night club in Kensington Market is really not my scene. I am too old. I was always too old.

I am feeling slightly panicked at the moment. I have several things I need to get done ASAP, and now there's a bunch of microfilm waiting at the library for me to pick up, and I'm going to come home tomorrow evening with about 100 assignments to grade! Ack. Serves me right for not doing too much since I got back from my last research trip. Double sigh.

Our apartment is suddently over-run with large black flies. It's very annoying! We don't know where they are coming from . . . it's not from us. Let's blame the neighbours.

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