Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Busy, busy.

After my weekend of learning fun, I must now get down to the more regular business of being a PhD student. There are grant applications to write, lectures to attend, social events to appear at, and research to do!

I went to a Cuban-US relations conference today and heard 4 papers. It was okay, if not overly stimulating. But I'm now convinced of the sharpness of one of historians here, and think that I should go hear him speak more often. (It's not that I wasn't suitably impressed before; I had just never encountered him before this fall.) Good, good.

HD and I spent a long time grocery shopping this evening, stocking up on non-perishables. FN sent me off with strict instructions on what to buy, but of course I bought more stuff than that. She chided me for coming home with 20lbs of rice . . . but this way, we won't have to buy more of it for quite a while!

Tomorrow I must cross some things off my list before I head off to school in the afternoon. In the evening, I am going to the opera with VC and a bunch of historians. I've never been before, so am looking forward to it. Should be culturally educational, at the very least.

I suppose I should mention that yesterday's post was read by a great deal more people than was true of any of my previous postings. Cool. I think.

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