Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Now I've been to the opera.

I went to the Elgin Theatre last night to see Opera Atelier's The Magic Flute. Since I had never been to an opera before, I figured it was good to go and see what it was all about. Although the production seemed quite good, this particular piece wasn't for me. It was just so silly and fluffy! I think I might enjoy a more robust, masculine opera better. Because, seriously, there wasn't much depth in this one. Which is fine, but I feel like there's more to be had in an operatic experience.

After the semi-entertaining entertainment, DS, EW, and I went for a late dinner downtown. This was the best part of the day by far! The second best part was probably catching up with historians at our departmental coffee hour in the afternoon. I really am all about the talking. I just can't help it. And so guess what I did more of today? Talk with historians! I went to school to support HD's charity event---and came home with a new pair of jeans---but kept running into people. Much fun. For lunch I met UO, a newly-minted PhD (as of last Friday), at Massey. That place might be a tad odd, but it's a great place to have lunch.

So, when am I gonna do work? Well, I have big plans for the rest of today and tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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i love jp's blog 4evr