Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Canadian in Minneapolis.

I forgot my lunch today, so when I got hungry I ventured out of the archive builing and over to the student centre. So far, this is not particularly interesting, But, when I sat down to eat, I noticed a flyer on the table announcing a campaign event taking place right then. And guess what? Al Gore was giving a speech about 200 feet away from me! After I ate---and had a bizarre encounter with a crazy woman---I ventured over to the Great Hall. But then I got distracted by men in uniforms. (You know how I like a man in uniform.) These guys were National Guard, and I chatted with one of them for a couple minutes. I forget his name (naturally). I had to dash, though, because I could hear the clapping and cheering from the next room! So, yes, I saw Al Gore. I stayed for about [aboot, my hosts claim I say] a minute . . . "What you want is an independent voice, someone who will stand up and vote for Minnesota!" Nifty lunch break, eh?

After work I took the bus downtown to have dinner with TT. We met up at the central branch of the MPLS public library---a very impressive building! [Here is a bad picture of the inside.] TT then gave me a mini tour of "the Mall," and some of the skyways that link the buildings. It's an interesting downtown because it combines shops (the Gap, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, etc.) with office towers. So of course I didn't make it to the art gallery, but I can go on Saturday if I'm up to it. It was just too cold out, and I was tired of lugging my laptop and other crap around with me. That, and I'd just eaten a ton of food. We went home and make chocolate cheesecake instead. (I am not kidding.)

Whatever shall I do for the rest of the evening? This is seriously the first time since I got here that I've had the chance to wonder such things at 9:15pm. Research trips are busy!

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