Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, I haven't been blogging because I haven't been home very much since, well, Thursday night. Friday after the archives I went to hang out with local historians, and we didn't get back until nearly 2am. Much fun! Saturday was a full day of outings, including the Mall of America and three of the city's lakes, and another home-cooked dinner out. And then today I went off by myself to check out some of the city's tourist/cultural offerings. I did the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Cowles Conservatory (actually a green house), and three churches, including the country's first basilica. Very impressive, if not nearly as old at the churches I saw in Charlottetown. I also walked through Loring Park, which is one of many large green spaces in town.

The Walker only has modern art (1960s+). It's a great facility, very nice and calming atmosphere, etc. But art is odd. Very odd. I just try and take it in without worrying about it too much. This is the best way, I think. The outdoor sculptures were nice, and the weather was good, which made all the difference.

As for the churches, I seem to have a thing for them. But at the basilica, I walked in just as a service was starting. I stayed for a few minutes, but then couldn't take it any more. Too much to handle, that.

I am tired and have some work to do before I can sleep. Tomorrow is my last day at the archives in Minneapolis, and I hope I can get everything done!


UPDATE: Here are a couple pics of the Basilica of Saint Mary.

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