Thursday, November 23, 2006

He'd have to fight FN for me.

To all those boys and men who think they have a chance with me, a Warning.

Here's the deal: I lead a rich and full life, and I quite like it. My roommate and best friend, FN, enriches my life in untold ways. She does the obvious: cooking, decorating. She does the more difficult: provide hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation on any one day. She does the near impossible: Challenge me to rethink my fundamental assumptions about the world and humanity . . . and sometimes even succeeds in modifying my views! My life with her is significantly better than it was without. And that's saying something, because I was always a fairly happy person.

So, anyone whom I would actually, seriously date---and to my mind, any other kind of dating is a waste of time---would have to enrich my life enough to make up for taking me away from FN when I spend time with him. This doesn't mean he has to enrich it in the same ways as she does (of course not), but he'd have to be pretty special. I like having interesting friends, but an actual boyfriend? That's a different matter.

You have been warned.



Farzana said...

Awww...gosh... thanks JP!

Also, I remember AG planning a bachelorette party for us - don't you think we deserve one now, AG?? ;)

AG said...


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