Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Podcast 43 (10-16 June 2009).

This week Tyler and I visited La Casa Muerte's practice space, talked to the band, and were treated to a special performance. We chatted with Ireek Sofakia (Bo), Charlie (Bobby), Link (Brandon), Hank Bukkake (Henry), Bentzen (Matt Gilbert), and lead vocalist Namico about how the band came together, their musical compadres in Toronto, their DIY record label (FABRik RECordS), all the other bands they've played and play in, and the importance of community for them. Featuring songs by La Casa Muerte ("All the Wrong Moves"), Hollerado ("Juliette"), Proof of Ghosts ("I'm Coming Home"), Heartbeat Hotel ("TVPO"), 1977 ("The Otherside"), and then two live performances by La Casa Muerte ("Free Range" and "We Fall to Pieces").

Catch La Casa Muerte at Edgefest on 20 June, Wavelength on 21 June, and at their EP release show at the Horseshoe on 16 July. In addition to the 6 we talked to, the band also includes tambourine players and dancers as part of their live show: Ronnie Jesus, Lady Concubine, Dallas Muertley, El Burgundy, El Bandito, and St. Gabrielle.

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