Saturday, June 20, 2009

My NxNE schedule... Saturday.

Friday was insane. From start to finish: brunch at Aunties & Uncles, Green Go, interesting conference session, Black Hat Brigade, dinner, annoyed by Little Italy festival, Parlovr, Zeroes, Dinosaur Bones, Mika Miko, The Sadies, These Are Powers, Mark Berube & the Patriotic Few, biking home in the rain, collapse. I got to interview Matthew from i(heart)music, Burn Planetarium, Justin and Bryan from Black Hat Brigade, Sari and Simone from Audio Blood Media, Michael, Zack from The So So Glos, Evan Dickson from, concert promoter Mark Pesci, photographers Pete Nema and Tom Eschenbrenner, and probably other people that I forget right now.

Best band of the festival: These Are Powers. At 1:50am last night, when the Sadies were still playing, I realized I wasn't going to make it (intact, on time) to the Reverb for 84.85 at 2am. I noticed These Are Powers were going on at the Silver Dollar, two minutes from where I was (at the El Mo). Zack had mentioned them to be earlier, and someone else had too. So I went. And they were amazing.

Today it's raining and my feet are killing me. I may hang out at home for a bit then hit up a day show before more shows shows shows afterparties. If I stick to my plan on not seeing bands I've seen before, my options include:


No Shame / Daps Duo BBQ feat. Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees, Lightmares, Laura Barrett, “Swirling Shores,” Times Neue Roman, and Pick A Piper @ Rolly’s Garage, 1-6pm.
Record Label DIY: Freeing Your Inner Ani DiFranco @ Regency B, 3–4:30pm.
FACTOR Fiction Redux @ Regency A, 3:30–4:30pm.
AfterpartY @ Neutral Lounge, 8pm.
Casey Mecija (Ohbijou) & Evening Hymns @ Whippersnapper Gallery, 9pm. (Ok, seen both before.)
awkward i @ Holy Joe’s, 10pm.
By Divine Right @ WhipperSnapper Gallery, 11pm.
Brian Borcherdt @ WhipperSnapper Gallery, 12am OR C’Mon @ Lee’s Palace, 12am OR In-Flight Safety @ El Mo (Down), 12am.
Crystal Antlers @ Sneaky Dee’s1, 1am OR The Wooden Sky @ El Mo (Down), 1am (seen 'em before).
The Lovely Feathers @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, 2am.
Bloodgroup @ Neutral Lounge, 3am.

I might skip the last few timeslots and head to an afterparty or two. And now I'm off to shower, eat, and take one last look at the schedule to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

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Anonymous said...

Nice meeting you at NXNE.
Had such a blast there.

Hope I can frequent go to Toronto now :P