Monday, June 22, 2009


I am home and done with NxNE 2009.

Missed Ninjasonik, but saw Candy Coated Killahz. Skipped out on GZA at Yonge & Dundas Square. Something was up at the El Mo, so no Rah Rah for me. But headed to Rancho for Mardeen and Brent Randall & his Pinecones. Then to a busy Rivoli for Diamond Rings (!) and some of PS I Love You. Caught part of Wax Mannequin's set and ended it all with La Casa Muerte, both at Sneaky Dee's. All the bands were good and I really enjoyed myself.

Uh... I need to sleep for 17 hours now.


Anonymous said...

Rats I didn't know Diamond Rings, Brent Randall and La Casa Muerte played on Sunday.

I did meet Bo of La Casa Muerte.
Was surprised he was in the music video for Star's Bitches In Tokyo.

I should have stayed one more day.

T.Cup said...

Thanx for passin thru our set! Hope you had fun :)
- Tosha // Candy Coated Killahz

rungloriarun said...

i adore the Candy Coated Killahz and wish that vancouver was close enough to toronto that I could have caught that show!


historyjen said...

I <3 Bo.

I need more good, fun hip hop in my musical diet.