Friday, June 19, 2009

My NxNE schedule... Friday.

Oh man, Thursday was crazy. I started by getting my pass then headed off to the Town Hall meeting, which was interesting in several different ways. Then I walked over to see Dinosaur Bones at Sunrise Records. I did some interviews, and got to see a few songs by Spiral Beach, playing outside to a good crowd at Yonge-Dundas Square. Since I was with some friends, I decided to follow them to the Arts & Crafts showcase at the Courthouse. We got there, got stamped, went out for a quick bite to eat, then back to the Courthouse for Zeus. They impressed. Sounded like classic rock but with a bit of new-indie flair. Not exactly my thing, but I got into it and was glad I checked them out. Up next, in the 9pm slot, I went to see Flotilla, this great band from Montreal. I took the 10pm slot off to interview a few more people, drop in to see Keith Hamilton at the Boat (during Whale Tooth's set), and then it was back to the Courthouse for The Most Serene Republic. I was excited to see them, but wasn't blown away like I hoped I'd be. I didn't stick around for The Stills, since I wanted to check out what was happening at the Horseshoe (enormous lineups) or El Mocambo. So I got to see You Say Party! We Say Die!, a Vancouver band whose recordings I haven't loved. Live, though, I got it. The lead singer is really something, and their dance-y stuff is up my alley. Fun! I saw some of Green Go's set (and partook in the dance party near the stage), but then dashed off to the Silver Dollar for the Zoobombs, a Japanese band playing Dan Burke's NeXT showcase. Great. And the place was packed, even though it was 1:30am. My last stop was Lee's Palace, where The Schomberg Fair killed it in front of a small crowd of friends and fans. Their new stuff sounds amazing; the old stuff has new life. A great way to end a pretty good day of music.

More tomorrow. Honestly, I think I will skip the first two things on my list, and may not make the last two.

FRIDAY (19 June)

[Show Me the Money… then Show Me How to Get Some @ Regency A, noon–1pm.]
[Green Go @ Mill St. Brewpub Daystage, 3pm.]
The NXNE Music Meeting @ Regency D, 4–5pm.
Black Hat Brigade @ Mill St. Brewpub Daystage, 5pm.
Said the Whale (in-store) @ Criminal Records, 6pm.
Spiral Beach @ Whippersnapper Gallery, 7pm.
Matt and Kim @ Whippersnapper Gallery, 8pm.
[Slim Twig and Little Girls @ Preloved, 8–10pm.]
Golden Isles @ Horseshoe Tavern, 9pm OR Parlovr @ Supermarket, 9pm OR Valery Gore @ Reverb, 9pm.
Wintersleep @ Y & D, 9:45pm OR Bahamas @ Supermarket, 10pm OR Zeroes @ Silver Dollar Room, 10pm.
Laura Borealis @ The Painted Lady, 11pm OR Hank Pine & Lily Fawn @ Cameron House, 11pm.
The Magic @ Reverb, 12am OR No Age @ Lee’s Palace, 12am OR Mika Miko @ Sneaky Dee’s, 12am.
METZ @ Silver Dollar Room, 1am OR The Sadies @ El Mo (Down), 1am OR Cigarettes @ Cameron House, 1am.
[84.85 @ Reverb, 2am.]
[Mark Berube & The Patriotic Few @ Rancho Relaxo, 3am.]

The best all-round showcases are the ones happening at the Dakota Tavern and the Reverb. The Horseshoe will be fantastic all night, too. I might not get into the first and last of those without waiting (or at all), so I won't try. That, and I've seen many of the bands that are playing there already. But if you're looking for one venue to go to and stay at, those are your best bets (to my mind).

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