Sunday, June 21, 2009

My NxNE schedule... Sunday.

Oops. I was exhausted yesterday; 3 days of late-into-the-night show-hopping caught up with me, and I wanted to do nothing except stay home and sleep. Plus, it was raining, dampening my enthusiasm for all things NXNE even more. Making it to Rolly's Garage for the Daps Duo / No Shame afternoon show was important to me, though, and I managed to get myself organized enough to get there for Laura Barrett's lovely set. After dinner at home and a failed attempt at napping, I decided to skip the shows I had planned, and just hit up the afterparties.

I went to two different ones, each with a decidedly different vibe, but both basically put on as a reason for more partying and celebrating some of the great bands that are in town. Boxes & Bags, Japanther (!), and DD/MM/YYYY were the bands I saw at the first place. I lucked into a ride, so choose to skip out on METZ and Spiral Beach (unfortunately, sigh), to head over to the party happening in my neighbourhood. I caught a bit of Gravity Wave and Steamboat, but the point of this party was more about talking to friends and meeting new people. I ended up interviewing Prizzy Prizzy Please in their van, and then getting some breakfast at Vesta Lunch with three friends. No regrets about missing Evening Hymns, The Wooden Sky, Grand Analog, Red Mass, Woodpigeon, The Lovely Feathers, and etc. I would have enjoyed then, I'm sure, but another time.

The festival continues today. Here's what I've got tentatively planned. Again, I'm aiming to see bands I haven't yet seen.


Ninjasonik @ Y & D Square, 6pm.
Candy Coated Killahz @ Y & D Square, 7pm.
Rah Rah @ El Mo (Down), 9pm.
Labasheeda @ Sneaky Dee's, 9:30pm.
The Gertrudes @ Rivoli, 10pm OR Innes Wilson & His Opposition @ Sneaky Dee’s, 10pm OR Brent Randall & His Pinecones @ Rancho Relaxo, 10pm.
La Casa Muerte @ Sneaky Dee’s, 11pm.
PS I Love You @ Rivoli, 12am OR Bellewoods @ Rancho Relaxo, 12am.
Later... If I'm still feeling festive, I hope I might catch Steamboat and The Beauties @ The Dakota Tavern.

There's also an interesting show happening at the Music Gallery.


Steve said...

Prizzy Prizzy Please had a GREAT set! Steamboat and Gravity Wave were good last night, too, but the out of towners were the highlight of the night for me.

I'm looking forward to reading your interview - I had a chance to talk with the several members of PPP before the music started, and they seemed like pretty cool, down to earth guys.

John O said...

PS I Love You is the next best and brightest thing this side of sparkly spandex. Don't sleep on this one, kiddos!

mike said...

Won't be going to any NXNE shows tonight (Sunday)...was planning on GZA @ Y-D Square, Rah Rah @ El Mo, and The Gertrudes @ Rivoli but I'm in Burlington having dinner with family(Father's Day) and in any case, Thurs to Saturday were CRAZY busy and I'm pooped. Nice grabbing a bite with you on Friday, btw. Oh, I saw Red Mass at Silver Dollar yesterday at 2 am and they absolutely killed, cross-dressing band members, mask-wearing, face-paint, capes, smashing guitar and all - great way to end NXNE.

historyjen said...

Nice! The interviews I did are all audio. Gonna put them all together with songs for a few NxNE podcasts. Will take a week or more to get this put together.

I really enjoyed PS I Love U... and YOU, John. Great stuff.

Yeah, dinner was nice. We need relaxing breaks (and sustenance) during a busy day of show-hopping.