Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tuesday was busy.

Tuesday was very good: lunch with a friend at Kilgour's, then to the library to look at material actually useful for my chapter/dissertation (!!), then to class, then to Harbord House for dinner and drinks with the prof. and his friends, then off to the Great Hall to see and hear Katie Stelmanis (w/ Maya Postepski), Final Fantasy, and Jens Lekman.

I came in near the beginning of Katie Stelmanis' set. The room was getting full even at this point. I stood near the middle-side and enjoyed her. Although I still think the songs all kinda sound the same, I much preferred her in this setting to when I saw her and her band perform at Lee's Palace. The percussion arrangements are fantastic.

After she was done, I---as nicely as possible---pushed my way to the front (well, several rows back) because I spotted Quadb from this indie music blog. Turns out Frank was up there too, and so was Mike, whom I hadn't met before. So I spent the rest of the evening with the bloggers, which was fun!

Final Fantasy was nice, and I can see how he's made a name for himself. He's a lovely guy, it seems to me, who plays really pretty, interesting music with good lyrics. I love his looping. I'm not in love with him, but I'd happily see him perform again. I don't know if the next time it'll be in such a neat venue, or if I'd be lucky enough to be so close to the stage.

I was quite taken with Jens Lekman. Not blown away, but my the guy is talented and a real charmer in his own way. He put on a great low-key---yes, such a thing exists---performance. I would love to see him again someday, hopefully only three rows back like this time. I left once the show was over, after chatting with some indie kid friends of mine, but many people stayed around, waiting for Jens (and Owen?) to play more songs for them on the corner or in a nearby park . . . awesome.

I don't do real show reviews, so check the blogs I mentioned above for proper accounts and photos from the evening!

Other than Tuesday, I've been good and working as I should this week. I crossed some important things off my list today. But the chapter's not done yet. Give me time.

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