Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too much walking.

I overdid the walking around downtown Toronto in the summer weather thing the past few days. I've been out for days in a row. It's been great shopping and hanging out and running into people, but now I'm tired. The weather's been so nice, though: after months and months of freezing, terrible weather, the whole city kinda had to get out. Including me.

I had a semi-plan to go see Laura Barrett at Sunrise Records Saturday afternoon. I made it there in time, but things were running behind, and my friend had to go, so I didn't stick around either. No biggie: it was just nice to be out.

Now if only I didn't have 14 more papers to grade. I suppose I could grade them on the balcony tomorrow . . . but, no, we can't open the door to the outside. (This apartment is full of problems.)


Justin Beach said...

Laura was very good, she always is - but yeah the overall event at Sunrise was odd and they seemed to have set the order people went in on 'shuffle'

historyjen said...

Glad to hear she was good!
I am listening to Laura's EPs right now. We saw her and Ajay on the way in, so I figure I get points for being there :-).
Looking forward to seeing them again.