Saturday, April 26, 2008

Safe for another year.

Well, not really. But yesterday was my annual dissertation committee meeting. My main supervisor called in from her office at Oxford, and she, I, and the two other profs of my committee chatted about my progress and plans for the next year. It went well . . . but I have work to do! Afterward, there was more chatting, and then off to Harbord House for lunch with the two of them and CS, another PhD student in my year with whom I share a couple supervisors. After lunch I ran some errands on campus and ran into people to talk to, and finally made my way home.

There was just enough time to relax a bit before AT called and we went to Future Bakery to catch up. (He just did his exams.) We had a nice time. I got back home at 9pm, and then headed over to EH's to have some food with her and MB. But I had to dash off quickly to make it to Rancho Relaxo in time to catch Holoscene. They were cool. Different from my usual indie rock, pop-folk, or electronica fare. I stayed for most of the Hoja Rojas's set. I did my best to get into it, but their standard rock didn't do much for me. There was such a small crowd at Rancho, and I felt bad about that, but there was nothing I could do. And I'd promised a group of historians that I'd be at Sneaky Dee's not long after midnight, so off I went.

My friends and I hadn't danced to Shit la Merde in much, much too long. This time he was joined by DJ Pammm, and she was fantastic! The evening was fun. The crowd was a bit sparse at Sneaks too, which surprised me, but it was good to have a bit more room than I expected to have. A couple of the guys from OPOPO were there, and MB and I talked with them briefly. Their EP is coming out soon. Am looking forward to seeing them again.

MB and I decided that we're going to Pittsburgh on Monday to see Woodhands! Two-day road trip!! I have many things to do before then . . . not least of which is laundry and hoping the fridge doesn't die and we lose all our food. That would suck. Stupid landlord, fix the fridge.

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