Thursday, April 24, 2008

I went to Tranzac last night.

Wednesday nights this month Samir Khan (Tusks) has been putting on shows at the Tranzac's Main Hall. They've been varied, but have all looked enticing. I went last night, drawn out in mid-week by the promise of a set by Gentleman Reg, who didn't seem to be too thrilled about playing this one the last time I chatted with him. But he was there, and at least pretended to be happy about it!

I got to the Tranzac in time to hear the last couple of songs by Bellewoods, and chided myself for not coming earlier. This is a band I've gotta see again. They sounded great. Second on the bill was Great Aunt Ida, a band I've listed many times, but had yet to see. Ida and her band were ok, but I imagine the Southern Cross Lounge is a better fit for them. Gentleman Reg and his band (including one of my favourite drummers, Greg Millson) performed catchy but interesting idie pop songs. I was glad that I went. And I look forward to the new record, hopefully out early in the summer.

These days it's rare that I go to a show without knowing if anyone I know will be there. Last night I went solo, and didn't bank on seeing any familiar faces. A friend of mine turned up for Reg's performance, but earlier in the evening I busied myself meeting and talking with Samir and Michael Holt, whom I'd seen perform a song last Friday at El Mo. It was good to remind myself that I do actually enjoy going out alone.

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Justin Beach said...

Hey Jen,

Sounds like a good show. I wanted to make that one but it wasn't in the cards last night. Bellewoods are playing again at the Will Currie and the Country French CD Release Party on the 29th.

I also wanted to let you know that I've added your blog to the CanBlogs section of (the link won't be live for a few minutes yet.)

If, for whatever reason you don't want to be included, please let me know.