Friday, January 29, 2010

Watch this: Zeus, Cuff the Duke (live), OOTS (live), Gentleman Reg.

Zeus' new album comes out next month. It promises to be great. From Spinner:

While Zeus have got a ways to go before becoming rock legends themselves, somebody better tell that to director Adam Makarenko. Integrating live action performance with stop-motion animation, Makarenko's video for 'Marching Through Your Head' follows the band up the mythical mountainside of Mt. Olympus as they search for the King of the Gods, ruler of the Mount, keeper of the sky -- Zeus, the god. But instead of finding a single deity, they discover that their band Zeus is the god of their namesake.

"We were really inspired by Adam's photos," O'Brien explains to Spinner. "The first time Carlin showed me one of his images, of a freaky digital wolf over a cityscape, we knew that we wanted to do something with him. We got the opportunity to make this video and hoped Adam could do it. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out!"

Of course they're happy with it -- Makarenko makes them look like gods. Zeus may not actually be immortal, quite yet, but give it time -- after all, this is only the first single.

Cuff the Duke! Here they are in Winnipeg earlier this month. They are touring with Blue Rodeo. "Follow Me" is off their latest disc, Way Down Home.

Cuff the Duke recently released a video for "All A Blur." Watch it at

NOW Magazine captured better footage from the Out of this Spark show last Friday. Songs by Evening Hymns, Forest City Lovers, the "Family Band" performing a D'Urbervilles' track ("Dragnet"):

Finally, some more Gentleman Reg, to get you exited for his Wednesday night residency in February at the Drake Hotel.

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