Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch this: Isla Craig, The Wooden Sky (live), The Balconies (acoustic), Gentleman Reg (tour vid).

Now that I've started these "watch this" posts I'm discovering that there are A LOT of videos being put out there all the time. Well, good.

Isla Craig & the Continental Drift had a video done for them earlier this month.

Back in mid-August Toronto band the Wooden Sky performed a great set in the basement at Sonic Boom. Some good live footage of the event has made its way onto the internet. Here's the Wooden Sky performing "The Wooden Sky."

Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls must be unemployed. There's no other way I can think of to explain all the videos he'd managed to shoot and edit with bands, most of them based in Toronto. Here's his latest, with the Balconies. Apparently their album glows in the dark . . . lemme check . . . no. (I've been had.)

One of my favourite bands, Gentleman Reg, toured with A Camp way back in 2009. Here's a little "tour video" they made. It's cute. Oh, and go see G Reg every Wednesday night in February at the Drake Hotel. First one is 3 Feb (obvs), and they'll be performing with Hooded Fang and Kite Hill.


Steve said...

The Balconies CD TOTALLY glows in the dark if "charged" by holding it up to a bright light for a little while, Jen; or at least, my copy does. Maybe you got a bootleg? ;)

historyjen said...

Like, the actual CD? I probably got one from the first run of them. Had it even before it was officially released!