Thursday, January 21, 2010

Watch this: Culture Reject, Octoberman, Woodhands, Evening Hymns (live).

One of my favourite bands from the Wavelength shows I went to in 2009 was Culture Reject. The band---the creative outlet for Michael O’Connell---has a new video for "Inside the Cinema." It's cute.

Another White Whale band, Octoberman, just released a video, too:

Woodhands' official video for "CP24." Remorsecapade is out Tuesday on Paper Bag Records. Yes, that's Woodhands' label-mate Laura Barrett and Fuzzy Logic Recordings' Maria Bui in the video:

Woodhands is my favourite live band! Can't wait to see them perform again soon.

On Friday I went to the Out of this Spark showcase at the Garrison. Here's a clip of Evening Hymns performing "Cedars." The Garrison was full of chatterers that night... the audio on this video suffers because of that.

Download the original song: Evening Hymns, "Cedars" (Spirit Guides, 2009).


Mike said...

Wow, the crowd chatter during that Evening Hymns clip is annoying.

Anonymous said...

I concur. We need more assholes in the scene to tell the bigger and more intrusive assholes to shut up and listen to the music. And then we need muscular assholes to kick out the intrusive assholes.

Evening Hymns' music is ethereal. They deserve better.