Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watch this: Lioness, Rock Plaza Central, Off the International Radar vs Holy Fuck, Lullaby Arkestra.

I'm still giving away two tickets to the No Shame show on Saturday night. One of the (good) bands is Lioness. Here's their latest video:

Rock Plaza Central have decided to stop touring for a variety of reasons. On Saturday night they played their final(ish, maybe) show here in Toronto at the Garrison. I heard it was quite the event. Here's their new video for "Don't You Believe the Words of Handsome Men."

This one comes from Off the International Radar's 2009 EP, Hot Lips. The song is called "Holy Radar," and it's "a remix/reworking of OTIR's "E bowl Of Eris" by Holy Fuck." HF sped up the song and then layered their own music on top of it.

I missed Lullaby Arkestra at last Sunday's Wavelength. (My ears weren't in the mood for a pounding.) The duo have a new video for "Icy Hands."

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