Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watch this: Dinosaur Bones, Forest City Lovers, Basia Bulat (live), Whale Tooth.

This is a new feature for Narratives that will allow me to post new (and newly-discovered) videos. Like the rest of this blog, the videos will likely be very Toronto-centric.

Two ever-rising young Toronto bands released new videos for new songs last week. Here is Dinosaur Bones' "Ice Hotel" and Forest City Lovers' "If I Were A Tree." Both songs are off 7" projects.

I love this song! You can preorder DB's new 7", recorded with Jon Drew (The Arkells, Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club) from Hi-Scores Recording Library. The 7", also featuring the hit, "Royalty," will be out in February, and you'll get the .mp3 files, too.

Another great song. FCL are one of my favourite bands, and it's nice to see them go for a happy mood on this one. Order the 7" from FCL's website. You can go with the physical vinyl (with digital download) or opt for the .mp3-only version.

Here's a live video of Basia Bulat and her band performing "Gold Rush" on Saturday night at Trinity-St. Paul's United Church. (I was there.) Her new album, Heart of My Own, will be released on 26 January on Secret City Records (Canada) and Rough Trade (everywhere else). It's lovely.

On Sunday I went to Wavelength and saw an amazing performance by Whale Tooth. I've seen and told you about this band before, but was reminded of their greatness. Extremely tight musically, fantastic vocals, Elise LeGrow's incredible stage presence . . . it all made for a super-fun set that got people dancing. They recently released a video for "Hibernation Song":


Garry T. said...

love the Whale Tooth video. should check those dudes out. something about that song reminds of an older band. regardless, awesome!

historyjen said...

We were all super impressed with Whale Tooth on Sunday, Garry! Elise.... so hot!