Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Podcast 49 (30 July-6 Aug 2009).

Tyler and I sat down with Scott and Will from The Wilderness of Manitoba in the shed at Delaware House, where they practice, record, and host shows. We talked about their new record, the Rural Alberta Advantage CD release (they are the opening band), the venue they run, and the musical community of which they are a part. Featuring 6 songs by 6 Toronto "The" bands: The Wilderness of Manitoba ("Evening"), The Rural Alberta Advantage ("Dethbridge in Lethbridge"), The Disraelis ("The Bitter Ash"), The Framework ("She Thinks I'm Famous"), The Calrizians ("Hernando's Hideaway"), and The O'Darling ("Embroideries"). Just 'cause it worked out that way.

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I'll post my listings for the next 7 days soon. Check last week's listings for events happening tonight (Wednesday).

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