Friday, July 24, 2009

A Horse & His Boy's gear stolen.

London, ON-based band A Horse & His Boy had thousands of dollars worth of gear stolen from them yesterday. They've had to cancel their Toronto show, scheduled for Saturday at the Drake Hotel. That would have been their Toronto debut. The stolen gear includes irreplaceable pre-recorded samples and loops, as well as the following items:

Roland SP-404
Boss SP-303
Behringer Mixer
Boss Digital Reverb RV-5
Electro Harmonix #1 Echo
Microphones, Cables, Adapters, 3 years worth of samples

Also gone are a projector and play station, as well as a SM58 microphone belonging to London show-promoter and musician, Paterson Hodgson. To donate to a fund to help replace the stolen items, click on this PayPal link:

More details about the theft are here.


Shawn William Clarke said...

This is makes me so mad. Hopefully they get their stuff back.

historyjen said...

Let's hope.