Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Podcast 47 (16-22 July 2009).

Featuring The Two Koreas ("Withering Heights"), The Wooden Sky ("Oh My God [It Still Means A Lot To Me]"), Marienbad ("Reggie Jackson"), Clothes Make The Man ("Chile"), Culture Reject ("Inside The Cinema"), and Mamabolo ("Project"). Tyler and I talk about my new look, the joys of discovering new music and new genres at shows, and some of the special release events happening this week in the local music world.

Next week we talk about synths.

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A couple other local podcasts to tell you about. A new series of Zunior podcasts has started up, with hosts Paul Watson (Dog Is Blue) and Luther Mallory. The Panic Manual has its latest podcast up. And I already told you about the all-Canadian-music NxEW podcasts/mistapes. Check those out here. We're still your favourite one, right? No?...

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