Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Podcast 48 (23-29 July 2009).

We talk to Andrew Pulsifer, the organizer of SynthFest 09, happening this Friday and Saturday. Andrew tells us about synths and the variety of genres that can feature synths as a main instrument, we talk about synth bands that we like, and in general about the awesomeness of the Toronto music community. Featuring Shelby Lamb ("I Can't Be Normal"), GoldenGirls ("The Big League"), Wordburglar ("S'up Burg"), Gentleman Reg ("Falling Back"), PDF Format ("God Only Knows"), and Maybe Smith ("More Blood Than Sleep [After B.C.]"). I think I know what a synth is now.

The two-day SynthFest happens 24-25 July at the Tranzac's Main Hall. Tickets are $7 at the door each night, or $12 for both nights. Doors open at 7:30pm, with music starting at 8pm sharp (bands must end up 11pm). These will be fun nights!

DAY 1 feat. Cobra Cut (DJ set), GoldenGirls, Silly Kissers, Adolf Glitter, and Digits (Alt from Europe in Colour).

DAY 2 feat. OPOPO, PDF Format, Henrietta Lacks, Guy Dallas, and Alpine Continuum (members of Vowls).

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I'll post my listings soon. Check last week's listings for events happening tonight (Tuesday) and tommorow.


Shawn William Clarke said...

God Only knows cover is so good.

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