Thursday, June 28, 2007

So much to do.

It's just dawned on me that it might take several weeks---maybe more than a month---just to go through somewhat quickly just the most important material I've collected for only one of the groups of people that I'm researching. Oh dear. But I really do think this is necessary. At least for the moment. I'm beginning to get a handle on what actually was going on in Siberia during the civil war, and, boy, was there ever a lot. Haven't even scratched the surface yet. Going through this stuff could become incredibly tedious, so I'm really going to try and go as fast as possible. Hopefully after a few days of this I'll be able to go faster because the reports will start to repeat themselves. Hopefully.

It was incredibly hot in Toronto today. It felt like 41 Celcius, or 106 Fahrenheit. On my way to school I ran into SA, who was having some trouble breathing. I didn't notice the bad air quality, but I believe it: Toronto is polluted. (Not as much as NYC, but still too much.)

And since I had to go to campus to get some books from my supervisor and get a form signed by her, of course I ran into other historians. This almost always happens, which is kinda nice. In fact, on days when I pop into the department and don't see any other grad students around, it saddens me. WB and (Dr.) JDS---yay!!---were both doing well.

It's past 2:30am now, and I suppose I should head to bed soonish. I've learned a few interesting things today about the various Red Crosses in Russia. I picked up some new vocabulary too: "grass widows" are women whose husbands have left them for one reason or another, but who aren't actually widows.

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