Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day of errands.

I'm pretty happy at the moment with how things are going, work-wise. I don't have much to show for it, but I've made some important (if very, very small) progress on my dissertation. Gotta start somewhere, eh? I've been piecing together one part of my story from my notes and the materials I've gathered, and am in the midst of writing it up. It's been slow, but good.

I didn't do any work on Saturday, but that's because FN and I were out running errands---and eating ice cream at Greg's---for about 6 hours. Lots of walking and carrying of heavy bags. We first when to Goodwill to drop off clothing and other things we weren't using. Then it was off to Queen West to get FN a pair of pants, and Kensington Market to pick up food for dinner tomorrow with JDS and TC. Once that was done we came home and then had to leave again to head to Bloor St. to return a video and buy a few last things at the grocery store, before treating ourselves to dessert. (Note to self: the chocolate orange was good, but the mango-flavoured ice cream I had last time was better.)

We were quite tired after all of this, and after making a marinade for our chicken which we will eat tomorrow. And so we sat down in front of my computer and watched "The Bourne Identity" stream off the internet. It was much fun.

I'm feeling slightly more awake now, but it's rather late, so I think I might attempt to sleep. Tomorrow we must cook!

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