Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging break.

Still going through documents. No end in sight.

Yesterday evening FN, EC, and I went down to Bloor St. to wish farewell to (Dr.) JDS. Friends AG, JC, and EW came too. It was a nice time. Afterwards some of us went for shawarmas at Sarah's, picking up CLM on the way---because it's pretty near impossible to go to Bloor without running into someone you know. And then EC guilt-tripped me into accompanying her to an indie rock show at some sketchy underground venue on College St. (Well, under College.) And . . . it was actually pretty fun! One of BW's bands was playing, and they are better than when I saw them last. I was, of course, completely out of place clothing-wise, but no matter. To the right you'll see proof---in the form of black marker on my hand---that I went to a concert.

This morning saw me drag myself out of bed to meet up with fellow grad students who are putting our student society newsletter together. I love doing this stuff, so that was great. Looks like it will be a good issue!

Tonight: BBQ at JS and AT's place. Later tonight: back to work.

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ec said...

hey! there was no serious guilt-tripping. just the usual "ah camahhhhn...."