Monday, June 18, 2007

Fêting JDS and TC.

Sunday night FN and I fed our marvelous friends a Mexican-themed dinner. Rather, I should say that FN fed them; I helped. The food was awesome, but it did take a while to put together. We worried in the afternoon that the salsa for the enchiladas was too spicy, but it turned out fine.

FN and I are huge fans of this couple, and will miss them terribly when they move away from Toronto for good in short order. How sad. But they are beginning a new life south of the border, down Connecticut way, and I'm sure they'll be fine. We'll have to visit, though! On Thursday JDS has her PhD defence, and TC had his a few months back.

I am in noturnal mode at the moment, for some unknown reason. This happened to me when I was writing my MA thesis, and I think it just is going to happen now that I'm working seriously on my dissertation. Oh well.

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