Monday, May 28, 2007

Slowly recovering.

I came back from the Middle East with a dreadful cold. And It's almost gone . . . finally. I was pretty wrecked last Wednesday, coughing and sneezing all over FN. So I haven't been such good company for my parents here in Ottawa since Thursday. But better to recuperate out in the Ottawa 'burbs than in downtown Toronto. Tomorrow evening I will head back to the big city, hopefully fully recovered! I didn't manage to get much work done over the past few days, and didn't hit up the archives. But it's ok, since my parents aren't moving away from here any time soon.

The Ottawa Senators are currently battling Anaheim in the Stanley Cup Finals. Woot woot! And right now they're leading Game One 1-0. Not that I particularly care, but it's still cool.

UPDATE 9:55pm: Ottawa winning 2-1 after the second period.

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