Sunday, May 06, 2007

Grading exams ain't so bad.

Exam grading is oh so much better than essay grading. ("Let me tell you," to quote FN.) Of course, I'd rather not do it---and next year I most likely won't be---but exams go fast. Fifteen minutes a pop. Sometimes less. And to think some of the students spent a full three hours writing. Ten down; sixty five to go.

The only other thing I did today, other than lots of procrastinating (by reading, cleaning, eating) was head over to EW and CW's place for a birthday party. Good food, and it was nice to see a couple people I hadn't chatted with in a long time.

Silly Facebook is eating up too much of my time. I must cut down on it. As well as cut down on general internet time wastage. There's some great stuff out there---NYRB, for example---and some entertaining sites for when I need a bit of a break, but seriously: I am a grown woman who has serious work to do. Sheesh.

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E :) said...

I'm in marking hell at the moment. Essays, not exams. Can't wait for to mark the exams because you're right - they are so much faster.