Thursday, May 03, 2007

La Traviata = ehn.

Last night I went and saw the dress rehearsal of the Canadian Opera Company's La Traviata. I got a free ticket through Massey and there were a handful of Masseyites (and historians) there too. The concert hall---the new Four Seasons centre---is gorgeous and well designed; the music and singing were excellent; but I was less taken with the visuals of the opera. Apparently (according to the son of the opera company's general director) the last time this production was staged, there was a lot of outrage among opera-goers. I wouldn't say I was outraged, but it just didn't do it for me. The combination Rocky Horror/18th-century-ish staging was bizarre. It didn't transport me. I don't think I'm particularly transportable, but still. Whatever. I thought it was a great production (in execution). Just an odd production (in design). I must admit that by the third act I was just waiting for the heroine to die already. I was that bored.

Anyways, afterward my Massey friend TaV and I walked to campus where I dropped her off and then made my way to a nearby pub. A group of Masseyites were gathered drinking and eating chicken wings. It was a good time, especially since I got to talk to some cool people I haven't really talked with before. And it was nice to do it outside the confines of the college.

I left the pub to take the TTC home, and when I got the streetcar on Spadina, guess who was on it? EC! Toronto is a small city sometimes. (I feeling I also had when running into historian DS at the opera a few hours earlier.)

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EC -- always there when you least expect her.