Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Grading zone.

Apologies for not keeping you as up-to-date as I would like. I've been busy. I essentially took the day off on Sunday, not originally intending to. But it just happened. You see, I went for lunch with a friend from my MA days who was in town this weekend; then I went to a free (for me) concert at the Glenn Gould Studio; then YT and I shopped on Queen west---and I got some good stuff!---and then it went home, wanting to grade. But not long after my return, LG called. He hadn't spoken to me (online or off) for a week, and I was happy to know that he does want to be my friend, after all. We figured I could go eat and watch a movie at his place and be home in time to grade 20 papers. Well, after lots of sushi and "The Constant Gardener," it was nearing 11pm so I left . . . only to be sucked into hanging out with a few Massey men for an hour in the common room. Yes, I have no willpower. But it was fun. Needless to say, I did not grade once I was home.

This (Monday) morning I had to get up bright and early to transport myself to York University for my reading group. Although I wanted to die on the subway/bus-ride over, the meeting was good, and then---again, because I have no willpower---I joined the other women for lunch. The others were all Yorkies today, and it's always interesting to hear what goes on in that history department. I managed to make it home just shy of 2:30pm, at which point I went to campus (mine, just down the street) to give a prof some papers and do some grading sans distractions. But of course I chatted a bit too long with a couple profs, a Massey friend, and a historian I randomly ran into, and only managed to grade 10 papers before I went home for dinner. And I've since graded only 15 more. Which still leaves me with 40 to do before noon on Wednesday. I can do it!

About grading, I will say that I've had some really very good exams. Some not do fabulous ones, too, but overall I'm impressed. Good job, students. You make me happy and hopeful for the history of our kind. (Well, maybe.)

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