Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not feeling like it.

I'm not particularly feeling the urge to write about my daily life on this blog. Maybe because I'm just back from a whirlwind of activities half-way around the world and there's no way I can do any of it justice here. Or maybe because I'm feeling kinda ill. My ears feel funny. Like all the shifting of air pressure---whether on airplanes or on land---over the past couple weeks has messed with them. Annoying.

Ok, so maybe I will blog.

At the moment I'm chillin' in Ottawa at my parents' house. Thursday evening I went to my old high school with my parents. The junior school boys were putting on my dad's play/musical. (He taught grade 7 there before retiring a year ago.) It was cute, and my dad was very happy with it, so good. He's a clever one, dad. I spoke for a bit with one of my high school history teachers and saw some of the major changes to the school building. So strange.

Yesterday I spent hours---hours---uploading photos of my Israel trip to facebook. You can check them out there. There are some nice shots, though most of my pictures are of my travel companions. I also have some good ones of our bodyguard, for whom I have love. Anyways, back to the present.

I found out recently that my grandmother (mom's mom) has Alzheimer's. She's been in steady decline for a couple years already, but this sucks indeed. The worst part is that she could live for years more in this state. It's a seriously sucky state. She would never, ever have wanted to end her days like this. Depressing. Please, when I get senile and unable to function as a person, end it for me, ok? She can barely hold a conversation, can't do anything mechanical (like use the phone), nor can she read, watch TV, or tell the time. She must be so frustrated to the extent that she is aware of her situation because she used to be very much a matriarch. (In a good way.) My father's father died with Alzheimer's disease too.

In other, happier, news, my dog is great, if still chubby and in need of a serious brushing. :-)

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