Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watch this: Wavelength nostalgia.

If you're out of the loop on why Wavelength is such an important institution in this city, there's plenty of stuff you can read. (Including my own reminiscences.) Or you can just watch this:

Holy Fuck is the headliner of the Thursday Wavelength show at Steam Whistle Brewing.

Here are some videos that document Wavelengths past.

Rozalind MacPhail, Oct 2009 @ the Garrison, :

The The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores, Aug 2009 @ Sneaky Dee's:

Boars, Aug 2009 @ Sneaky Dee's. The duo is performing on Sunday night at the Garrison, the final regular Sunday-night WL show.

Pick A Piper, Jun 2009 @ Sneaky Dee's:

Evening Hymns, Mar 2009 @ Sneaky Dee's. Evening Hymns is one of the bands performing at the sold-out Wednesday night show at the Music Gallery:

Slim Twig, Feb 2009 @ Wrongbar during last year's anniversary festival:

Friendlyness & the Human Rights @ Sneaky Dee's, Mar 2008:

^ this video's giving me trouble. Watch it on YouTube.

John Kameel Farah, April 2007 @ Sneaky Dee's:

Katie Stelmanis, at that same show:

Ghost Hands (André Charles Thériault), Dec 2006 @ Sneaky Dee's:

The Adam Brown, Jan 2006 @ Sneaky Dee's:

Singing Saws' Shadow Show, Jan 2004 @ Sneaky Dee's:

The Sick Lipstick, Nov 2003 @ Sneaky Dee's:

Rhume, Jan 2002 @ Lee's Palace (I think):

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