Monday, February 08, 2010

Watch this: The RAA, Robots////Us 2, Dinosaur Bones party, Bahamas.

The Rural Alberta Advantage performed at Soundscapes a few days before their sold-out Lee's Palace show back in the fall. Here's "Don't Haunt This Place." See the store's YouTube page for more videos of the event.

Next, here's a couple videos from the Untold City. The first one is a mini-documentary of sorts of the recent Robots////US 2 party at Wrongbar feat. Bocce, These Electric Lives, OPOPO, and others. The second is from the semi-secret Dinosaur Bones 7" release party that also featured Uncut, Sandman Viper Command, and Hollerado. Looks like it was a blast.

See the Untold City's website for more video docs.

Bahamas performed at Hillside Inside on Saturday. Wish I could have gone! So many great bands were there. This song doesn't appear on the album... but I've heard it before. (<-- Click that link and listen. It's worth it!) I'm gonna guess it's called "It's My Fault."

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