Thursday, February 18, 2010

Introducing Sticky Magazine.

Hello blog! Usually this time of week I'd be posting my show listings for the coming week, but the last few weeks I've found myself really busy and haven't been able to get this done. Many apologies. I know some of you have gotten into the habit of checking at least once in a while. I can't promise to be back at it anytime soon. To partially make up for it, though, I've started contributing a weekly "best bet" affordable show tip to Sticky Magazine. The latest one is here.

So now you might be wondering what Sticky Magazine is. It's a new website run by concert photographer and blogger Pete Nema. I am one of several contributors. The site is ambitious---show and album reviews, features, news, and recommendations, plus great concert photography, of course---and I'm excited to see it get up and running. New content is being added every day. I hope you'll have a look!

All this is not to say I won't be writing on this blog (Narratives) anymore. Quite the contrary. I'm still going to do show reviews, "shout out" features, interviews, post videos, and have other content. Maybe listings again if there's time. You can also find my writing on, though most of what goes there will go here, too.

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