Thursday, February 04, 2010

Watch this: The Diableros (interview), Madrid, Forest City Lovers (live), Princess Century.

Pete Carmichael and Keith Hamilton from the Diableros talk with the guys from's Juicebox Manor. Awesome!

Local electro duo Madrid has an album coming out this spring, and a single out now. Here's the video for the single, "Iron Ways."

Head on over to Stereogum for the video of a live version of this song, performed in-studio. And that website's hosting a download of the .mp3 for the song, soo.

Mitch Fillion caught up with Forest City Lovers on tour, and filmed them performing "Don't Go."

Head on over to Southern Souls for more awesome, awesome videos, including FCL performing "If I Were A Tree."

Princess Century (AKA Maya Postepski) is performing at Wavelength 499 on the weekend. Here's a bizarre/cute little preview video:

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