Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watch this: Grand Analog, Two Hours Traffic, the Bicycles, and Constantines.

This is awesome! I miss Sneaky Dee's!

More Grand Analog---"Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)"---over at Southern Souls. Grand Analog!

Two Hours Traffic are also awesome! So cute!

Justin Beach captured ALL of the Bicycles' set at Sneaky Dee's on Friday as part of the Wavelength 500 festival. Here's part one, including Jonny Dovercourt's introduction:

The Constantines also performed during the Wavelength festival. Instead of just a regular set---which would have been awesome---they did something even awesomer: performed their 2001 self-titled album in its entirety plus a whole bunch of encore songs. Wow. Here they are in a CBC studio playing "Young Lions":


mmmbarclay said...

Quick note: it was the Constantines' self-titled album, not Shine a Light. Plus about nine encore songs, if I recall!

historyjen said...

Oh! Thanks, I'll fix that!