Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ticket/CD Giveaway: The Tom Fun Orchestra, Bruce Peninsula, and The Darcys @ The Horseshoe, 31 Jan.

Whoa, have I got a prize pack for you!

The Tom Fun Orchestra is coming to town at the end of January, headlining a stacked bill at the Horseshoe that also includes The Darcys and indie favourites Bruce Peninsula. Their album, You Will Land With a Thud, is a rollicking good time that draws musical influence from the band's East Coast home as well as a variety of other styles, from messy big band to high energy folk rock. I've heard good things about the band's past live performances in Toronto. Bruce Peninsula put on a great show at the Horseshoe when I saw them there back in August, and this Toronto band/choir supergroup of sorts is making waves in the music world with their new album, A Mountain Is a Mouth. Opening up the show is The Darcys, whose shoegaze indie pop should set an interesting tone for the rest of the evening. In a city where there are good, inexpensive shows all the time, this is one of the more promising lineups in one of the best venues.

The prize pack include two tickets to the show (you + a guest), a copy of You Will Land With a Thud, a copy of The Darcys's album, Endless Water, and the new Bruce Peninsula album, A Mountain Is a Mouth (digital download). For a chance to win all these goodies, e-mail me at historyjenATgmailDOTcom with your full name. Put "Tom, Bruce, and Darcy" in the subject line---lame!---and get this in to me by the end of 28 Jan. You gotta be able to come to the show to enter, of course. And if you don't win, you can pick up tickets to the Horseshoe show at the door for only $8.

Download: The Tom Fun Orchestra's "Highway Siren Song Breakdown" from You Will Land With a Thud.

Download: "Steamroller" from Bruce Peninsula's A Mountain Is a Mouth.

UPDATE: I got a winner. Congrats to Bilal F.

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Allan said...

Hmm if you don't win with Jen, come over to our site and enter - we end a day after :).